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Get your account balance, recent transactions and more!

SMS Text banking is a service which allows you to quickly request and receive account information via text message.  It comes with no separate fees from Dart Bank*. You can sign up through your Dart Bank mobile app, register in person with your Personal Banker, or simply call our Customer Service Center.

How do I begin Text Banking?

  • You will first need to download our app from your desired app store.
  • Register for the text banking services via your smartphone app.If your phone is not compatible with apps, or you prefer to not enroll this way, please fill out the form below and return it completed to any of our Personal Bankers. SMS Text Banking Application
  • Once you receive our welcome text, you’re all set to start using the SMS Text Banking.
  • Register for Text Alerts and receive an automated messages on daily balances, Monthly, balances, or when you account balance drops below or goes above the defined amount

Text any of these commands to 39257:

BAL Available balance for eligible deposit accounts. Type BAL+ Last 4 digits of account number to receive a sepcific balance.
HIST Last 5 transactions of all enrolled accounts. Or Type HIST+ Last 4 digits of account number to receive a specific history.
XFER Transfer between Active SMS Accounts. Example: XFER + From Acct + To Acct + Amount
HELP Returns List of Commands
SUSPEND/STOP Suspends the SMS service for the User

*your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply.

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