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On April 25th, 1925 Dart Bank received its charter and we opened our doors as The Dart National Bank of Mason. Now, 90 years later, our bank is one of only 110 privately owned Michigan Chartered banks within the state of Michigan. We are proud to continuously reinvest in our communities in financial and non-financial ways.

Our values such as honesty, hard work, integrity, community and loyalty, plus our financially conservative ways have served us well through the decades. This doesn’t mean we didn’t change.

Dart Bank continued to grow and expanded out of Mason and settled into the communities of Holt-South Lansing and Grand Ledge. A year ago we greatly expanded residential mortgage lending capabilities with the integration of the home loan center staff located on Homer Street in Lansing, as well as a mortgage lending office in Chelsea.

When it comes to Dart Bank we aren’t just about providing financial services. We are about serving a community, and building real relationships with real people. With a longstanding history of caring about what matters most, we felt our 90th anniversary was a great time to update our look to better reflect who we are today as we look forward to the next 90 years.

This was a long process we did not take lightly. We began in January of 2014 with our branding company, who conducted enormous amounts of research and put forth a sufficient amount of strategic design hours to help us identify a positioning statement that could carry the Dart Bank brand forward for generations to come. Dart Bank has been a part of the lives of our customers for 90 years, and understands the significance of choosing the right bank. The end result led to a positioning statement that speaks to the most important decisions and choices in a customer’s life- their family, their home, their business, their community:

Dart Bank. For What Matters Most.

Triangles are symbols of transformational change. The triangle, as an emblem of a marked change, is a promise of a new Dart Bank, relevant and open to new opportunities.  By choosing an upward orientation, the triangle also represents the stability of a trusted company. It builds upon Dart Bank’s history by evolving the logo from a dart to a more encompassing mark, representative of its changing community.

While subtle, there is still pink in our new visual brand! However, the transition from the color pink to our new multi-color logo helps to visually define Dart Bank for the next 90 years. The three colors selected combine to give a sense of stability to a longstanding brand, while also suggesting a contemporary feel. Each color is cool in “tone”, yet in tandem portrays a softness and down-to-earth feeling while also communicating a serious stature. We are very excited for our new look and are looking forward to the next 90 years.

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