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It's never too early to start saving money and thinking about your financial future. At Dart Bank, we have made saving more fun than ever before! Dart Life was created to teach kids the importance of a strong financial relationship, as well as help parents and grandparents teach their loved ones how to save and spend responsibly.

Click here to download the Dart Life brochure!

Making Deposits

  • Each deposit of $5 or more earns a prize and moves you forward one space on the Dart Life game board
  • Every five deposits moves you to a new prize level.  Receive a special prize on every 5th deposit.
  • Prizes are limited to one per day.
  • Only deposits made in person are eligible for prizes or spaces on the game board.

Account Information

  • Parents, guardians or grand-parents, accompanied by their child, may open a savings account in the child's name
  • Parent / Guardian photo or other ID is required along with verification of the child's SSN
  • Existing Dart Bank Youth Savings Accounts may be transferred to a Dart Life account.  Keep the same number!
  • Type: Statement Savings
  • Minimum Balance to Open: $5.00 (no fees for falling below $5.00)
  • Minimum Balance to Earn Interest: $5.00
  • Statements: E-statements Quarterly
  • Rate: Current Statement Savings Account rate (variable)
  • Free Internet & Telephone Banking
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